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"I’m a nutrition coach in a weightloss-studio in Vienna. A lot of our clients are old, some are over 80. Doing our work online was practically impossible because a lot of them don’t own a computer. Most of our clients were understanding, some not at all. There was definitely a lot of fear around."


On the first day of lockdown I started realizing what was happening; usually there’s a lot going on by the opera in Vienna but on that day, you would encounter three people at most. It gave me goosebumps. 

I always thought that someday we would have to short-circuit everything. The consumption and greed of society had become so big that I was convinced there would come a day when “lockdown” was a thing.


Of course I never imagined that there was going to be a virus. 

Sylvester Wong, Yuanyang Township, China

Is there something positive we can take out of all this? Of course it’s scary, nobody’s allowed to go out, especially people in high-risk groups. But there’s help for them. Neighbourhood community groups are being established to help.


And in a crisis like this, we have to just look for the positives.


During quarantine I had more time to cook healthier and work out more, that was very positive. I also slept more. I learned to appreciate friends and family, to be with them rather than going shopping. Shopping I didn’t miss at all.


I realized how important the little things are. Things that agitated me before no longer bothered me. You realize what having luxury means;  it’s more important to focus on relationships.


I think the pandemic and the shock of the crisis are going to be forgotten and people will become more selfish again. I’m not sure you can teach people a new lesson. But maybe I’m wrong.

I hope so!


Just looking at all the people in low-income countries that are being exploited just so that we can buy cheap clothes. We are always on our phones. Everybody is working all the time. We’re constantly purchasing technology. Everything has gotten so cheap and on the other end of the world, people are living in the dirt and dying of hunger.


I always knew that something would have to happen. 


Usually I get up very early and get home late. Normally, my boyfriend and I don’t see each other during the day and often I’m already asleep when he comes home. During lockdown we had much more time for each other, that was great.


On the internet, on TV, everywhere conspiracy theories are being spread about the state orchestrating the whole thing just to demonstrate power. Because there’s so much information circulating without us having a lot of knowledge about Corona, people are starting to take the pandemic less seriously already.


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