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“I grew up in an environment where people were always talking about politics.


I'm more towards the intellectual side of life than the art and culture and all that, but I ventured into that, because I thought that, in order to become known to people, I would have to do something which would make me reach out to people.


I always wanted to do politics in the end, so music was just a means for me to reach where I am right now.”


"I haven't touched my father since the middle of February.


It’s very emotional living with him and not being able to interact with him the way I did before, it's quite taxing on my nerves."


“There is a notion amongst the government officials saying that people will die of hunger and of disease.


This is where I disagree with them because Pakistan is a very charity driven country, people really help each other. Whenever there is a catastrophe of such a high scale, people always help each other and there is an indigenous sort of a support system that has developed itself.”


“Being a person in Showbiz and running a political party, I was very aware of what was happening around me.


That’s why in February, I realized that Covid was going to be a problem in Pakistan. And at that time, I thought that I should do something about it, so I made a song which was referring to the medical professionals.

And that is when all the channels started picking it up and it became a very big campaign.”


“People like me, who are into politics, as well as social work, continuously communicate with people and try to educate them about the things which they don’t perceive as seriously as they actually are.


And I think we have succeeded to some extent, by people realising that it is something to be terrified of because people are dying and it's a very out of control kind of a situation. Things are not moving in the right direction.”


“I feel that this is the time right now to share with people, rather than isolating yourself from the world.


I would like this world to become a global village where we will not be poor anymore, not be hungry anymore.”

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