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"Most of my friends in New York doubted wearing the face masks.


We, the Hong Kong citizens, were used to wearing the mask because we experienced the SARS in 2003 and we knew masks played a big role protecting people from getting sick."

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"New York was not aware of how serious the problem was.


Many officers or students said 'we only trust science, we don’t trust fear.'


I tried my best to persuade them that this is not a slogan, it has been happening out there!"

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"After the Umbrella Movement in 2014 China became very sensitive about political struggle, so the oppression became stronger. After that, people were very disappointed because they could not achieve anything.


So it happened again in 2019, where the government tried to pass a law which would transfer criminal offenders to Mainland China."

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"I feel doubly helpless.


The government just announced that elections in September will be cancelled - due to Covid 19.


They also want to make testing mandatory. We are all worrying that China is collecting DNA from the Hong Kong citizens."

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"There are a lot of different scenarios in my mind.


If cold war would happen, they would disrupt the flow of capital. You will also not be able to leave. The government would not give us the money from our mandatory pension funds.


So much has happened already, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration."

"I feel my role is different from 2003 because back then I was just a Highschool student so I didn't have any sense of protecting my family.


Now that I’m married I was always trying to help and protect my family. I think in 2003 Hong Kong was naturalised. It was accepted that we should wear face masks not just to protect ourselves but be responsible for others. Because no one knows, no one can see the virus."

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"The dormitory I lived in saw a lot of partying. This is why I tried to write an official letter requesting the management to deal with the problems. I didn’t get a reply so I started worrying.


A few days after, we received an E-Mail - one of the residents was dead.


The dormitory kicked us all out."

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"When I came back to Hong Kong in March 2020, it was a new Hong Kong. I have never seen empty streets there, it was always packed.


People were very alert, maybe because we experienced SARS in 2003. The other reason is that we didn't trust our government."

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"My generation has been told that the generations before us have experienced poverty, war, natural disasters and diseases.


I never imagined it happening to my generation now."

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