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“I’ve been studying in the US for six years. Every year I go back to China to celebrate the Spring Festival. This year I wanted to stay here for like 20 days and then go back but now it’s been almost a year.


I still have all my stuff in the US. I had mostly gifts for my relatives in my luggage when I came here. I don't even have any summer clothes.”


“There was a President's announcement last month saying that Chinese students taking online courses next semester can't stay in the US. And people are like ‘what should we do? We can’t even buy flight tickets!’


Millions and millions of Chinese international students couldn’t stay in the US and got kicked out. No one has done anything, not the US government and not the Chinese government. No one actually cares about the international students at the moment because people are playing their political games.


We feel left out.”

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“I still illegally use Instagram and Facebook to connect with my friends in the US.


This is where I see that people don't have that mindset to wear face masks because there are limited resources to buy them. I was telling them 'You shouldn't go outside, you should stay in because you don't know where other people have been!'


They tried, but I think it's actually very hard for them. They still go outside and they still celebrate house parties and stuff. I really tried!”

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“At the beginning nobody knew how to deal with this situation and that’s when they just blamed other people. The world started to target China saying this virus is from a Chinese lab and for military use because we were the first country to confirm a case.


And leaders from other countries still use that as a tool to target us because it first started here. But we actually don't know where it started first, we just confirmed it first.”


“I want to go to law school because I can't see myself finding a job in China so I'm trying to find a different path.


What if when I go back to the US the film industry doesn’t hire me?


Extending my thesis and my law school applications really affected my mental health. If I can go back, my drivers licence will expire and I don’t have my visa. I was planning my entire life in the US and now everything has changed, I need to find a different way to continue my dream.”

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“I got the notification about the US closing the borders for Chinese travellers a day before they actually closed it. I bought a ticket but my parents warned me about getting infected and not having international healthcare so I cancelled my flight.


I decided to stay here and wait until it’s over because my US visa expired. I have to wait for the US to issue it again which they won’t do right now.”


“I’m in this chat-group with 1000 Chinese students who were studying in the US and are now back home. Everybody is sharing their situation and I’m actually doing better than a lot of them because I'm doing my thesis at home even though I don't have my camera or my footage. But a lot of other people actually stay up every night to work for their companies in the US still.


And their mental health is way

worse than my own.”

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“If you get infected your bill is going

to be hella high!


How do people not realise how harsh the situation is? How the government treats this situation affects people's mindset.


The US government doesn’t

treat it very seriously.”

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“There’s this internal discrimination against people from Wuhan, because we blame them mentally. We think that maybe they were the cause, but still no one knows.


If your ID card is issued for Wuhan you will be treated differently. People will look at you as if you are infected with Covid.


I feel like they’re mistreated, they are innocent people!”

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