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“I finished chemo treatments two years ago and I have been feeling wonderful since then.


And then at the beginning of March, they found another tumour. So I had to do this all over again.


But I'm not fearful of it, I feel healthy. I know they say something about your systems being compromised, but I don't feel that way. I don’t really feel as though I'm any different than anybody else. So I feel good.”


“I work with the Make A Wish Foundation, I had 15 bookings that I had to cancel.


All those kids were travelling to Europe and right now this would not be a good idea.”


“We all said the same thing, that being isolated just happened so quickly.


And that's when we started the mask project because we realised that there weren't enough masks for health care.


We have a Facebook page for our community and a friend posted about us making masks and asked others to participate. So one by one, we got more and more girls joining us.


Then people started donating and it's been unbelievable how the community has opened their arms."

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“It’s just things like that, people coming together and doing those random acts of kindness.


And that's what I think comes out of something like this, it's so nice to see kind people.”

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“I had surgery on the 12th of March and before that I really wasn't paying too much attention to it, nobody was really freaking out yet.


It took one week and everything changed. We were isolated and everybody suddenly was freaking out.


In a week we had transitioned from 'okay, maybe it's gonna hit us' to full blown isolation.”


“My friends and I are connecting either by phone, by email or with bridge.


Sometimes we will bring wine and chairs and go to a friend's house and sit in their driveway, six feet apart and with our masks on, but we have the connections.”


Text messages from local hospitals thanking Vita and her friends for the masks they made for them.


“We're grateful for what we have, the fact that we have a home, a roof over our head and sunshine outside.


We'll hang in there as long as it takes to get through. The last thing we want to do is get sick.

The only thing to do is to stay in isolation until we feel comfortable or have a vaccine.


That's gonna be a long time coming, this is not over.”

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